CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENTS. GAIETY. The Illustrated London News  1871 December 30 59(1686): 639 [unsigned review]

    A new burlesque by Mr. W. S. Gilbert forms the Christmas piece at this house. It is entitled "Thespis ; or, The Gods Grown Old." With this idea that is, of the senility of the deities the drama commences, Diana and Apollo being the sufferers. But Mercury, it seems, has a privilege, and remains young, though neither Jupiter nor Venus is permitted to share in it. Thespis and his travelling company undertake to cure this state of things. Mr. Toole represents Thespis, and Miss Farren Mercury, both playing with the utmost energy and effect. The result was quite satisfactory, and the audience had reason to be pleased, as they were, with the talent displayed.


transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 11 January 2001