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Updated 12 April 2005

List of reviews
1877 November 21 7(177): 10 Unsigned review of The Sorcerer

1881 October 12 15(380): 14, col. 2 Report by Louis Engel on the revival of Gilbert & Clay's Princess Toto at the Opéra Comique [mentions replacement of "The world of dreams" by a new number in 6/8 and the dropping of "That poetic pig with the Roman nose"]

1881 April 27 14(356): 10-11 THE MUSICAL WEEK. 'PATIENCE.' by Louis Engel

1881 May 4 14(357):10 THE MUSICAL WEEK. A LITTLE MORE 'PATIENCE.' 2 more paragraphs by Louis Engel

1881 October 12 15(380): 15, col. 1 Satirical poem about the opening of the Savoy Theatre

1881 December 28 15(391): 10, col. 1, pgph. 2 News item by "ATLAS" about Sullivan leaving to spend the winter in Egypt

1882 March 15 16(402): 7, col. 2 CELEBRITIES AT HOME. No. CCLXXXIX. Mr. John Hollingshead at the Gaiety Theatre. [full article is p. 6-7]
[...] The theatre might be said to have been opened by Mr. W. S. Gilbert, with an excellent burlesque, Robert the Devil, and the same gentleman's first comedy, The Old Score, was produced on the same boards. Mr. Sullivan also collaborated with Mr. Gilbert in a piece called Festus. [...]

1882 May 3 16(409): 12, col. 1 L.E. MUSIC.
     Talking of putting an operetta well on the stage, go and see Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience, which entered its second year, and which now is even fuller than for the last two months, so that it is seriously hoped it will draw through the whole season, and at its five hundredth performance there will be grand illuminations and an immense champagne supper for the press, but, mind you, only for the critics who praised it - the others will be Sacred Harmonic Societied. In the mean time, the whole of the first act of Gilbert's new fairy comedy is set to music; of the numbers in the second act many are ready, and will soon be musically prepared; the rest is sketched out, and by the time of the famous champagne supper the conclusion of one brilliant career and the beginning of a new one will be consecrated together. I gave the subject of this new operetta two months ago; as to the music - hush!

1882 May 17 16(411): 16, col. 1, pgph. 6 "ATLAS" reports in WHAT THE WORLD SAYS: "Mr. W. S. Gilbert did not come up for ballot at the Royal Yacht Squadron on Saturday; his candidature was withdrawn."

1882 May 24 16(412): 16, col. 2 "ATLAS" reports in WHAT THE WORLD SAYS: "Mr. W. S. Gilbert's candidature for the Royal Yacht Squadron was, I understand, at the request of his proposer, postponed till the August election."

1882 May 31 16(413): 16, col. 1, pgph. 3 ATLAS. WHAT THE WORLD SAYS.
Mr. Arthur Sullivan, whom I need not designate as the 'celebrated composer,' has lost his mother, to whom he was sincerely and devotedly attached. Those who knew him personally will deeply sympathise with him in his grief; for although a great man in public, he is the idol of his family.

1882 June 7 16(414): 10, col. 2 MUSIC. A SAD EVENT. Report by Louis Engel on the death of Sullivan's mother

1882 June 28 16(417): 14, col. 2, pgph. 3 WHAT THE WORLD SAYS. Brief note by "ATLAS" on Sullivan's new fairy opera

1882 July 26 17(421): 10 col. 2, pgph. 2-3 Anecdote by Louis Engel on Sullivan, mentioning some music for the new opera [Iolanthe]

1882 October 4 17(431): 13, col. 1, pgph. 5 News item by "ATLAS" confirming Perola as the title of the new G&S opera

1882 October 11 17(432): 15, col. 1, pgph. 1-2 News item by "ATLAS"

1882 October 25 17(434): 11, col. 1, pgph. 3 L.E. MUSIC. 'PEROLA' [report on rehearsal by Louis Engel]

1882 November 15 17(437): 10-11 brief report by Louis Engel on name change from Perola to Iolanthe

1882 November 15 17(437): 13, col. 2 pgph. 6 report by "ATLAS" on electric light in Iolanthe

1882 November 22 17(438): 17-18 Preview of Iolanthe by Louis Engel [includes many plot details & accurate quotes from the libretto, which he obtained from Sullivan]

1882 November 29 17(439): 10 Review of Iolanthe by Louis Engel

1884 June 25 20(521): 16 col. 1 pgph. 7 Unsigned news item on Princess Ida

1891 February 4 review of Ivanhoe by George Bernard Shaw

1893 October review of Utopia (Limited) by George Bernard Shaw

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