Miscellaneous short items relating to G&S from contemporary issues of the journal, presented in chronological order


The Musical World 1880 May 22 58(21): 325

    MR ARTHUR SULLIVAN has resigned the conductorship of the Covent Garden Promenade Concerts, and we are glad to be enabled to announce that his successor will be Mr Frederic Cowen, who is not only one of the best among our young composers, but has shown himself to be a skilful and vigilant conductor. — Globe.

The Musical World 1880 October 2 58(40): 629


SIR, — Frederick Hannibal Cowen has completed his third orchestral symphony. It is (like his No. 1) in C minor. Where's your "D"? Sir Flamborough awaits it. Hans Richter the Terrible is going to play the C minor of Cowen in Vienna. Your obedient servant,

The Shallows, South Wales.

The Musical World 1883 October 6 61(40): 629 [letter from Richard D'Oyly Carte]

(To the Editor of the "Musical World.")

    SIR, — Paragraphs have appeared in various journals which have given rise to a report that the opera, Iolanthe, is about to be withdrawn immediately, and that a new opera is now in rehearsal. Will you allow me to explain that this is not the case? It is correct that Mr W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan are writing a new opera which will be produced when required; but nothing is as yet decided as to the date of production. Iolanthe will not be withdrawn from the Savoy until the receipts diminish so as to make it desirable to change the programme. I am, Sir, yours faithfully,

R. D'OYLY CARTE, Proprietor and Manager.
Savoy Theatre, London, W.C., Oct. 4.


transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 18 December 2000