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Updated 23 September 2003
List of reviews
1875 April 24 53(17): 275  Reports of notices on Frederic Sullivan in Trial by Jury

1875 September 4 53(36): 601  Reports of notices on Frederic Sullivan in provincial tour of Trial by Jury

1875 September 25 53(39): 651 Report of Sullivan's visit to Milan

1875 November 6 53(45): 752 col. 1, pgph. 12 Gossip item in the "Waifs" column about Sullivan receiving trinkets from Royalty

1877 February 3 55(5): 90 Obituary of Frederic Sullivan

1877 November 24 55(47): 782 Unsigned report of review of The Sorcerer in The Times

1877 December 1 55(48): 796 Unsigned report of review of The Sorcerer in The Graphic

1877 December 1 55(48): 796-797 Unsigned report of review of The Sorcerer in The Examiner

1877 December 1 55(48): 797 Review of The Sorcerer from the London Correspondence of the Liverpool "Porcupine"

1878 August 31 56(35): 557-558 Covent Garden Promenade Concerts. [Unsigned review. Includes reviews of Overtura di Ballo and a selection from H.M.S. Pinafore]

1878 September 14 56(37): 593 Promenade Concerts (from the "Standard"). [Includes review of selection from H.M.S. Pinafore]

1878 September 28 56(39): 622 Covent Garden Promenade Concerts (Retrospect). [Unsigned review from the Daily Telegraph September 18 - comments on Sullivan's conducting and choice of programmes, and casts aspersions on his composing "burlesque opera" - doesn't mention the Pinafore selection]

1878 September 28 56(39): 624 Shaver Silver across Promenade Concerts (Retrospect). [Includes review of Hamilton Clarke's selection from H.M.S. Pinafore]

1879 April 19 57(16): 244-245 Pinafores in the States (All from one Paper). [16 news items about pirate productions of H.M.S. Pinafore in America, collected by "Scrutator."]

1879 April 19 57(16): 245 An Acknowlegment (from the Boston "Musical Record"). [Letter from Sullivan to the Boston publisher Oliver Ditson thanking the firm for being the only one in America to bother to send any money in respect of performances of any of his works. Editorial comment from "D.B." suggests The Contrabandista appropriate fare for the Americans!]

1879 December 20 57(51): 811-812 An interview with Cerberus. (From the "New York Herald," December 4th.) "Damme, it's too bad!" [Interview with Sullivan, Carte and Cellier in the Brunswick Café, New York. Includes discussion of difficulties with the Musical Mutual Protection Union over orchestra musicians' pay]

1880 January 3 58(1): 5 Unsigned report on the Paignton performance of The Pirates of Penzance from the Daily News

1880 January 3 58(1): 10, col. 2, paragraph 4 Unsigned report of charity amateur performance of H.M.S. Pinafore in Cheltenham

1880 January 17 58(3): 44 Review of The Pirates of Penzance from the New York Correspondence of the Daily News

1880 January 24 58(4): 61, col. 2 The Pirates of Penzance (extract from a private letter, dated New York, Jan 3, 1880)

1880 February 14 58(7): 104 The Pirates of Penzance at Philadelphia (By Cable.)

1880 February 14 58(7): 105 "The Pirates of Penzance" (Extract from a private letter, dated New York, Jan. 28)

1880 April 10 58(15): 223 Unsigned review of The Pirates of Penzance from the Daily Telegraph

1880 April 10 58(15): 226 Dexter Smith's Musical Record report of a rehearsal of The Pirates of Penzance in Philadelphia

1880 May 22 58(21): 324 Cartoon depicting Sullivan trying to write a new symphony

1880 October 2 58(40): 629 Letter to Sullivan asking where his next symphony is. Signed "Yaxton Last," possibly a J.W. Davison pseudonym.

1881 April 30 59(18): 269  Review of Patience from the Daily Telegraph

1881 October 15 59(42): 661 Report on the new Savoy Theatre and its electric lighting by "C.S." [Clement Scott]

1882 December 2, 60(48): 747-748 
Review of Iolanthe from the Daily Telegraph

1883 January 6 61(1): 8 TO CORRESPONDENTS.
[a cryptic note, unsigned but bearing all the hallmarks of J.W. Davison, transcribed here in full]
DE BELLEVILLE. — Cert'nly. In our next. If "nobody could hit upon a practicable plan," Dr Beard may possibly seek and find an expedient ("act of expediency"
— as about the Malvern range of hills and "enclosures," of which we have heard something lately).

1883 January 13 61(2): 28-29 In line, of course. (To the Editor of "The Times.")
Letter from Richard D'Oyly Carte to The Times about queues at the Savoy Theatre

1883 April 21 61(16): 240-241 Speech of Mr Arthur Sullivan at the Annual Banquet of the Royal Society of Musicians.

1883 April 21 61(16): 241 col. 2 
[transcribed in full here]
A Private Wire, written by Messrs Arnold Felix and Frank Desprez, with music from the pen of Mr Percy Reeve, is a "vaudeville," now preceding Iolanthe at the Savoy. The complications of the plot are ingenious, and the songs are prettily written, while the acting is safe in the hands of Misses Louis Brandram and Gray, and Messrs Rowan and Eric Lewis.

1883 April 28 61(17): 256-257 William Schwenck Gilbert. An Autobiography. (From "The Theatre")

1883 May 5 61(18): 272 William Schwenck Gilbert. An Autobiography. (Concluded from page 257.)

1883 May 19 61(20): 304
Somewhat sarcastic letter about Sullivan and the Royal Academy of Music by "Indagator"

1883 July 14 61(28): 434-435 
Humorous letter about Iolanthe by "Simon Half"

1883 July 28 61(30): 466
[transcribed here in full]
SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN has returned to England from the continent, and is now engaged upon the new comic opera intended for the Savoy Theatre. (See another column.)

1883 October 6 61(40): 629 
Letter from Richard D'Oyly Carte about Iolanthe

1883 October 27 61(43): 673 Iolanthe. (Delayed in Transmission.)
Leading article on Iolanthe by "Polkaw"

1883 November 17 61(46): 717 
News item from the Daily Telegraph on 350th performance of Iolanthe; also Grossmith's The Drama on Crutches

1883 November 24 61(47) 740 Brief unsigned review of Grossmith's The Drama on Crutches

1885 January 10 63(2): 26 Unsigned review of the children’s Pirates of Penzance from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News

1885 March 21 63(12): 185 Unsigned review of The Mikado

1885 June 20 63(12): 185-187 Review of The Mikado by " J.B."

1885 June 20 63(25): 387 Unsigned report on Mikado preparations in America

1885 July 25 63(30): 468 Sir Arthur Sullivan in America [Unsigned report on Music and Drama article by John L. Freund]

1885 August 15 63(33): 508 Sullivan's Mikado in America [Unsigned report on an article which appeared in The Musical Courier]

1886 January 9 64(2): 25 WHISTLING IN THEATRES. Editorial on W. S. Gilbert's letter to The Times [reference not yet checked] about boos and cat-calls

1886 October 23 64(43): 680-681 "The Musical World" Portraits. Sir Arthur Sullivan. [Praises the comic operas, but urges him to compose more works like The Golden Legend too]

1886 October 23 64(43): 685 Review of The Golden Legend at the Leeds Festival

1887 November 19? Review of revival of H.M.S. Pinafore

1889 December 14 69(59): 892 Unsigned review of The Gondoliers

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