Miscellaneous short items relating to G&S from contemporary issues of the journal, presented in chronological order


The Musical Times 1882 April 1 23(470): 219

At an amateur performance of the "Merchant of Venice," to be given at St. George's Hall for a charitable purpose during the present month, Mr. Arthur Sullivan's Music to the Masque in the second act will be performed, for the first time in London in connection with the play, by a small professional orchestra.For the same performance Signor Pinsuti has written a setting, for male voices, of the song, "Tell me, where is fancy bred?" and Mr. Berthold Tours has also composed a part-song to be introduced into the fifth act.

The Musical Times 1882 June 1 23(472): 338
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    ON Tuesday, the 9th ult., a deputation of Professors of the National Training School of Music attended at the residence of Mr. Arthur Sullivan, for the purpose of presenting him with an album containing photographs of the professors, officials and students who had been associated with him during the time he held the office of Principal. A complimentary address was read by Signor Visetti, to which Mr. Sullivan replied, expresing his sincere gratification at this appropriate recognition of his services.


    THE 144th Anniversary Festival of the Royal Society of Musicians will take place at St. James's Hall on Wednesday, the 21st inst., under the presidency of Dr. Arthur Sullivan. A number of eminent artists have kindly volunteered their services on the occasion.

The Musical Times 1896 February 1 37(636): 118

    SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN, speaking recently of the Clinton Combination Clarinet, said that the combination of the A natural and B flat clarinets in one instrument would not only be an economy to the individual player, the orchestral society, or band committee, but artistically would be an immense boon to the composers and those who score for the orchestra or military band, bringing as it would an infinitely greater variety of music than hitherto within the scope of performance, and immensely enhancing the effect of the important clarinet parts.

[Sullivan's diary records that on May 23rd 1893 Clinton called on him with the combination clarinet, and on January 3rd 1894 he had a meeting at 3pm at the Clinton Clarinet Company, 43 Threadneedle Street, London. Sullivan chaired a shareholders' meeting on January 12th 1894]

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