Musical Gossip. The Athenæum 1899 June 10 3737: 730-731 [unsigned review]

    'H.M.S. PINAFORE,' produced in 1878, was revived at the Savoy Theatre on Tuesday evening. Many pieces popular enough in their day would not bear resuscitation. The 'Pinafore,' however, sounds fresher than ever. The musical world has become serious very serious and it is indeed refreshing to hear a merry, humorous piece, and music, unassuming in character, appertaining to opéra bouffe rather than to comic opera, but attractive; it is delicately scored, and in many ways displays ability of a high order. In listening the other day to Sir Arthur's Symphony at the Crystal Palace we felt that if he had persevered in that direction he would have produced still highr results; in like manner 'Pinafore' set us wondering what the composer would have accomplished with a libretto of somewhat similar kind, but one giving him larger scope for the exercise of his gifts. The opera has been well staged and plays smoothly. Mr. Walter Passmore, as Sir Joseph Porter, was extremely funny, and Miss Rosina Brandram, as Little Buttercup, was most engaging. Mr. Richard Temple resumed his original character of Dick Deadeye with great success. Sir Arthur Sullivan, who conducted his work, was received with the utmost enthusiasm. Both he and Mr. W. S. Gilbert were called before the footlights at the close. The opera was followed by the popular 'Trial by Jury.'


transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 23 October 2001