THE PLAYHOUSES. The Illustrated London News 1887 November 19 91(2535): 580, col. 1, pgph. 5 [unsigned review]

    Pereunt et imputantur as the motto says on the old sun-dials. Who could believe that ten years have passed since we all first heard "H.M.S. Pinafore" at the Opera Comique, and the foundation-stone was laid of the profitable partnership between Mr. W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan? The time has come round for a revival of this delightful work, and it cannot be said that, in this instance, "the ship has been spoiled for a ha'porth of tar." A more magnificent stage set has never been seen in a theatre than the deck of the man-of-war; and when the yards are manned by real tars great is the enthusiasm. Such favourites as Mr. Grossmith, Mr. Rutland Barrington, and Mr. Temple are all at their old posts, and the most satisfactory of the new comers are Miss Ulmar and Mr. Robertson. Some regret has been expressed that the opera has not been edited and revised up to date, with new dialogue, fresh chaff, and additional songs. But, in that case, it would not have been a revival of the Pinafore, and what would the public have done without the time-honoured jokes, such as "Hardly Ever." The Savoy has once more got a brilliant success.


transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 24 April 2001