The  Musical Times 1888 December 1 29(550): 744, col. 1, paragraph 5 [unsigned review]

    SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN'S Oratorio "The Prodigal Son" was excellently performed, on the 9th ult., at Christ Church, St. Marylebone. The soloists were Miss Redfern, Madame Marian McKenzie, Mr. Alfred Greenwood, Mr. J. Campbell, and Mr. J. T. Hutchinson. There was a chorus of sixty voices. The accompaniments were assigned to Mr. E. H. Turner (organ) and Mr. Wilfred Bendall (pianoforte). The Conductor was Mr. Harvey Löhr, Organist of the Church, who directed with great judgment and skill.


transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 16 December 2000