A MATTER OF TASTE.  Punch 1884 March 15  86: 126 [unsigned item]

    DAN'L DRUCE, the piece recently reproduced at the Royal Court Theatre, was originally played at the Haymarket some eight or ten years ago, when it was not exactly a triumphant success. "Dan'l has come to judgment" a second time with what result the future will show. At present, however, the chief interest of the Sloane Square audiences seems to centre in the appearance of Miss FINNEY-FORTESCUE, a young lady whose name is well known "in another place," to wit, the Queen's Bench Division of the Royal Courts of Justice. According to Mr. BROADLEY'S book upon the defence of ARABI, Mr. BARNUM offered the British Government any sum they pleased to fix to be permitted to take the interesting captive as a show around the provinces. Have the Lessees of the Court Theatre seen this passage and improved upon the idea? It is worth noting, too, à propos of this subject, that in the amusing afterpiece which concludes the evening's entertainment, Mrs. JOHN WOOD sings once again the ever popular "His heart was true to Poll," with its refrain

" 'Tis no matter what you do,
If your heart be only true
And his heart was true to POLL!"
Perhaps it is intended by the Lessees that this ditty should now be accepted as a topical song.


transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 30 May 2001