MUSIC. MUSICAL PUBLICATIONS. The Academy 1892 April 30 new series 41(1043): 414, col. 3 [unsigned review]

    Songs of Two Savoyards. Words and Illustrations by W. S. Gilbert, Music by Arthur Sullivan. (Routledge.) There are some books which need no advertisement, and among such may be counted the one under notice. Not only are the names of Gilbert and Sullivan well known, but the comic operas written by the two in collaboration since 1875, when "The Sorcerer" was produced,¹ have caused infinite fun and laughter. This collection then of the gems from these works will be welcome; and if only to recall merry evenings spent at the play, many will be glad to possess it. To name the most attractive songs is unnecessary, for all are popular favourites. The volume is handsomely got up, and the illustrations add to its attractions. Adaptations of choruses or concerted pieces for a single voice have been carefully made (with the composer's approval) by Mr. C. King Hall.

¹ The Sorcerer was first produced in 1877. Trial by Jury was the work produced in 1875.

transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 13 November 2000