SAVOY THEATRE. The Musical Times 1896 September 1 37(638): 601 [unsigned review]


    A MUSICAL DUOLOGUE, entitled "Weather or No," was produced at the Savoy Theatre, on the 10th ult., as a "curtain-raiser" to the "Mikado." The book, by Messrs. Adrian Ross and W. Beach, is bright and smartly written, and the music, by Mr. B. Luard Selby, is graceful, refined, and by no means lacking in point and humour. The characters, impersonated with fair success by Miss Emmie Owen and Mr. Scott Russell, are the "He" and "She"of a toy weatherhouse, who emerge alternately from their respective doors in obedience to the vagaries of our fitful climate. The funny little couple fall in love, but find courtship so difficult under the circumstances that they wrench themselves away from their supports and leave the weather to take care of itself. The trifle will be welcome to those who require pieces suitable for private theatricals.

transcribed by Helga J. Perry, 16 December 2000